RANTing Rockstar

The monthly RANT in London that is always good entertainment. It must have been eating its greens because it’s all grown up and had its first full on conference. If you want a proper review you can read write ups by Thom Langford or Lee Munson.

I was looking forward to attending, and was honoured to be invited to be part of a panel on the day. What could be better than being invited to speak at a conference you think is pretty cool to start with?

Well, it so happened that the panel I was on was entitled, “Infosec Rockstars… the Myth and the Reality” alongside panelists Neira Jones and Ed Gibson whilst being moderated by Stephen Bonner!!! There were two things that bothered me about this situation – firstly, I would be sharing the stage with three people who I have no business being on stage with. Secondly, I am by no stretch of the imagination a rockstar.

I’m one of those guys who ends up having random thoughts at the weird times. For example, during a family dinner I may start pondering over whether Commando was a better film than Predator. Or wonder if I have enough ironed shirts whilst helping a child out with their homework. As a result, I may have dropped a line from the movie “Reign of fire” into the talk and possible drew the attention to similarities between myself and Jack Black.

Anyway, whilst onstage and feeling out of my league I recalled the tongue in cheek video I made with Space Rogue entitled  “how to become an infosec rockstar” and wondered if this was just a simple case of a joke going too far. Like how sometimes you make a joke in school, or a certain incident happens and for the rest of your years you’re remembered as “that guy” – a bit like how Jason Biggs will forever be linked to an American Pie.

I thought of Van Damme in the hilarious Coors Light advertisement and wondered if I too had ended up becoming a parody of myself.

From what I recall, the panel went well – there were plenty of friendly faces in the crowd I could turn to who were either smiling encouragingly or trying to put me off. During the breaks I got to mingle with plenty of cool people, a couple of whom referred to me repeatedly as a rockstar and I wasn’t sure whether to speak to them normally, or whether they expected me to get back into character and play up to the role… It’s at that time I realized how profound this dialogue from Tropic Thunder was:

I don’t even know who I am anymore.



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