WiFi insecurity part 1 – The Pineapple

Went I went to RSA in San Francisco back in February 2013, I also got a chance to attend and speak (briefly) at BsidesSF. As a speaker, I was pleasantly surprised to receive a speaker goodie bag. To my sheer geeky delight it had a Wifi Pineapple inside!

So I thought it would make a good topic to discuss some of the (many) security issues that can manifest when using wifi. A lot of what the pineapple does can be achieved using other means. What the Pineapple is really good (and scary) for is that everything you need is all inside on little black box.

Stay tuned, in the next vlog I’ll cover another sweet tool that takes advantage of wifi insecurity issues. It’s proper scary so you don’t want to miss that.



To read more about the pineapple you can head over to the official site

Or the link to Troy Hunt’s blog is here.

Stay secure my friends.

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