Contact me

I’m pretty easy to contact most of the time. If you just want to connect and share the occasional social message then follow the social media links for Twitter or LinkedIn.

For longer chats or to exchange literary works of art, you may want to


javvad at j4vv4d dot com

A chat over coffee

Despite the advancements in technology that allows us to connect thousands of miles apart, nothing beats a good old face to face chat. Maybe you want to share some ideas on videos, or pick my brains on a security topic, want to offer me a job, or just are lonely in London. Where possible a chin wag over a coffee is a good idea. I am a fan of the travel-buyer method where if you travel to meet me, I’ll buy the coffee, but if I travel to meet somewhere closer to you, then you buy it.

Say hello at a conference

One of the best places to get some face to face time is at a conference. One day I may get to listing where and when I’ll be.


Do you freelance?

My full time day job is as a security awareness advocate at KnowBe4. I can’t do individual bookings as they will likely cause a conflict. However, if you’d like me to participate in an event or speak at your conference as a KnowBe4 employee – get in touch and we can try to work something out.

Talk at my conference or event

I can use powerpoint, I can talk. Professionally I can talk about information security, from a personal perspective I am much more comfortable talking about making videos and social media.

Make me a video

I don’t make commercials or take money for videos. But if you’d like to see a topic covered, ping me a request and I’ll see if I can queue it up on my whiteboard of video ideas.

Write me a blog / article

I can do for the right publication and fit. Nearly all my writing is exclusively under the banner of my employer KnowBe4.

Act / Guest star in my video

I’m all for collaboration in making videos. For non-profit videos I’ll help you out depending on my schedule.

Modeling work

According to my mother I was blessed to be born with ravishing good looks. Perhaps you want a model to go along with your new razor advert. Maybe a pre-bodybuilding model, or just a hand model.

I’m a Hollywood agent and want to sign you

and I’m a Nigerian Prince trying to get $500m out of the country and willing to share 10% with you.