​A browser plugin to uncyber your IT Security

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Call me old-fashioned, or maybe I can’t keep up with what the millennials are talking about these days.


  • IoT becomes ‘cheap connected garbage’
  • Machine learning becomes magic
  • gdpr becomes the MacGuffin
  • Cyber becomes IT

Current list of all phrases v0.2

  • machine learning = Magic
  • Artificial Intelligence, AI = witchcraft
  • GDPR, ‘general data protection regulation’ = The MacGuffin
  • internet of things = cheap connected garbage
  • Evangelist = mouthpiece
  • Disruptive = boring
  • Blockchain = mythical tech
  • Cyber = IT
  • Gartner, Forrester, IDC, 451 Research = generic analyst firm

In progress
Need to fix upper / lower case matching : fixed, thanks to recrudesce
Will add analyst firm names to be replaced by “Generic Analyst firm”: added 

Shamelessly borrowed from https://github.com/myyk/boyfriend-chrome-extension

This is just for a bit of fun. It isn’t meant to poke at anyone personally. 
Be careful to turn it off if you’re using this in the same browser you’re working from, the last thing you want or need is to be sending messages to your clients where words have been changed. 

Thanks to:
Dan Raywood
Daniel Cuthbert
Andrew Barratt
Brian Honan