Resolutions and Predictions

We’ve passed the mid-way point of January, but we thought it would be a good idea to share some resolutions and predictions for the year.


As you can tell, we didn’t do a very good job of agreeing on anything. I’ve been warned by Girl Cynic not to be making any more predictions for the year or face the wrath of @krypt3ia (warning some adult language in that post)  so I won’t.

Generally, I’ve never been much of a resolutions kind of guy, but once we started talking about how to improve the videos I really found myself wondering – so I’ll put the question to you fine folk to help me find the answer:

1. Longer or shorter videos? Do you want more detail or are they fine as they are?

2. More education or entertainment? “Infosec Rockstar” was hugely popular, as was “Don’t encrypt passwords” – both polar opposites.

3. More videos or less videos? Are they too frequent? Do you never find time to watch them? Or do they tend to come out too slowly?

4.Anything else you want to add.

Thanks for your help.

2 thoughts on “Resolutions and Predictions

  1. More videos. Detail level is great but perhaps with more popular videos offer a follow up video expanding on subjects. You’re hilarious and strike a perfect tone.


  2. With predictions like yours, you might get the fame you deserve! Girl Cynic may have played it safe but I can’t help thinking she is going to be proven correct…


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