AV “Really” dead now says security expert

London – New research published by another security expert who coincidently works for an anti anti-virus company (AAV) has declared anti-virus to be really dead. An AAV spokesman said, “We threw everything we could think of at the laptop. chickenpox, foot and mouth, influenza, yellow fever, you name it and none of the products detected it resulting in a pure zero percent detection rate.”

An unnamed employee of a leading anti-virus firm lashed out, stating that the rumours of anti-virus’s demise have been greatly exaggerated and that it is alive and as healthy as a four year old asthmatic… running a marathon… uphill… breathing through a straw.

Twitter has been flooded with opinions with security experts weighing in with their opinions and arguing with each other with much name-calling and finger-pointing. One security expert said he had to log off twitter for fear the echo chamber would explode.

5 thoughts on “AV “Really” dead now says security expert

  1. I meant ‘those of us’ Garita.  Sorry.  I meant those who post credible, primary source materials regarding established security measures that are no longer ‘measuring up.’  AV does not perform as it is often presented by its vendors, even with layered defenses (defences). 


  2. I am just wondering at what point Symantec, McAfee and others will try to cite CISSP Code of Ethics against us trying to spread the truth versus their version of it.


  3. I think the problem with that test was the sponsor exposed the anti-virus products not to real viruses but to a set of vaccines. These sorts of tests don’t allow the products to use the full extent of their layered defences, and the conclusions do not match the data.


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