ISC2 Video Contest Voting

I really didn’t know when I made the “Benefits of being a CISSP” video how it would be received. I thought a few people would like it and some would dislike it.

Then I got an email from (ISC)2 asking about the video and my first thought was lawyers are expensive, how will I defend myself against their wrath for using the brand name without permission or inappropriately etc etc because we all know how humorless big organizations tend to be.

So, you can imagine my surprise when they said they really liked it and loved how it shows a lighter side to security. In advance of this years (ISC)2 congress, they announced a video competition for people to submit their videos with prizes for the top 3. Well, the video response was amazing and the final 5 are up on the website  so go along and watch them and click for your favorite.

In the meantime, here’s the one that started it all off.

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