I’ve been slacking lately with blogs and videos because I’ve had a lot of other things on … or maybe because I’ve run out of ideas. Either way, I thought I’d adopt the tried and tested routine of rehashing old material, or rebooting as Hollywood would say in the hope that a new generation will be entertained. This is a blog post I wrote – who know’s when…


Back in the early 70’s the phenomenon of “blaxploitation” (black exploitation) movies were made.

However, in today’s modern day, the media has gotten a hold of a new genre to exploit, one that transcends race or colour. It’s the world of security. Information security to be precise, as it sounds a lot more civilised than throwing the word hacker around.

It seems as if these days everything to do with computers is a security issue, even when it isn’t, hence the term secploitation.

To honour this new found love-affair the media has with security, I’m predicting Hollywood will jump on the secploitation bandwagon sooner or later, so I’ve done some of the hard work for them and come up with some sample titles. If you’re a producer or director and need the scripts, get your people to give my people a call. We can work something out.

For anyone else out there with some super cool photo editing skills like me, feel free to send in your own handiwork.

The story of the man who never changed his password:

40 yr old password

Who looks after your assets from beginning to end?

asset management

If you’re a security professional, then you must know the first rule of CISSP club

cissp club

Do you know what they call an MD5 Hash brownie in Amsterdam?

pulp encryption



They come every year, with the same checklist, asking the same questions about your systems


the usual auditors

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