ENGLISH! Do you speak it? (Security B-Sides London Talk)

Seeing as so many people (well ok 2 people) were asking me about my B-Sides London talk, I thought that rather than just send the link to the video, I’ll embed it here so I can say a few words about it too…. umm this is my talk.

I was considering putting a link to the slides, but to be honest, there isn’t much on the slides worth distributing. They are mainly imagery used to support what I was saying and to give me prompts as to what to say next. Of course, had you been there live in person, they would have more impact.

So yeah, this is my talk, no edits or cuts and goes on for near half an hour. A bit of a different experience from my regular videos eh?

One thought on “ENGLISH! Do you speak it? (Security B-Sides London Talk)

  1. I couldn’t agree more about us InfoSec folks having trouble articulating what we do for the business. I finally had some sales training and what a difference it made. How helpful that would be if we studied sales techniques right along with encryption, risk assessments, and other security skills.


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