Security Myths

I was speaking with Tripwire about how we have some great European information security professionals who haven’t seemed to ever get featured in any of their crowd sourced articles. So they kindly offered me the chance to write one for them picking the best of what Europe has to offer. The topic we agreed upon was “Security Myths”.

You can read the entire article on their blog. Seeing as I put it together, I took the liberty of adding one of my own opinions in video format. Enjoy, and feel free to include any other major security myths that haven’t been covered.

One thought on “Security Myths

  1. Love the debunking on Tripwire of number 14. People are your greatest weakness.

    Clearly most budget holders don’t actually believe this which is why they spend so little on remediation efforts and so much on web filters (which is why I couldn’t view #15, or your video above).


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