FAQs: Joining KnowBe4

Welcome back from the mid-season break! Quick recap, I left AT&T Cybersecurity aka the company formerly known as AlienVault, so I wandered the earth like Caine from Kung Fu, took up yoga, and got into adventures. Just kidding, I’ve never tried yoga! I have joined KnowBe4 as one of their Security Awareness Advocates / Evangelists. … Continue reading FAQs: Joining KnowBe4

An alien no more

I resigned from AT&T Cybersecurity, the part of the company formerly known as AlienVault. It was a great place and I enjoyed my time there. The days were filled with joy, like lens flare in J.J Abrams Star Trek. But everything comes to an end sooner or later. And sometimes it's best to end it … Continue reading An alien no more

Victim-blaming by any other name still smells just as bad

One of my favourite bloggers Troy Hunt posed a question on Twitter yesterday asking whether a user should share responsibility for a weak password that they reuse across multiple services. There was a lot of great discussion and debate, and I found myself opposing Troy’s views. It was getting late in the night and despite … Continue reading Victim-blaming by any other name still smells just as bad