How One Jobseeker Used AI to Apply for 200 Jobs in 2 Days

The search for a job has never been easy, but with the commoditisation of AI tools, it’s becoming a bit easier for the ambitious jobseeker. Recently, one such individual used AI to apply for nearly 200 jobs in the span of two days – a feat most of us can only dream of achieving.


Replying to @jaymie_inc this is how you apply to 200 jobs in 2 days — perfect timing with the holidays #resume #jobtips

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It’s astonishing how technology can streamline processes like this. As AI continues to develop, I can only imagine what further possibilities it may bring.

Naturally, not everyone is thrilled about this. After watching the video posted on LinkedIn, I saw comments about how this is wrong, and how a person’s true personality should shine through when applying for a job. But this has been created by HR departments themselves. It’s very rare that the hiring manager has much control over the job description, and often HR includes unnecessary requirements (CISSP essential).

So, the anger directed at AI in this case is misdirected. People have been gaming job application processes for a long time, trying to include the right buzzwords and acronyms (studying towards CISSP) to get past the initial filter and to land an interview.

At the end of the day, AI and other emerging technologies are about speed and efficiency. But if your underlying process is flawed, all technology will do is speed up your poor decisions – it won’t make anything easier.

It’s not quite Jarvis vs Ultron yet, but it’s getting there. HR departments will start to rely more and more on AI to vet job applications, and whoever has the better AI will have a better chance at getting the job.