My top 5 videos of the year

Following on from last weeks post in which I summed up my top 5 blogs of the year, the sequel that one person asked me for was, what were the most watched videos of mine during 2020?

Well, wonder no more, as I give you the top 5 in reverse order, cue the Top of the Pops intro!

5: Social Distance Club

Nothing to do with security and all to do with staying safe during a pandemic.

4: 7 talks I’m planning once the pandemic is over

I still stand by these! Even if the pandemic is taking a bit longer than expected.

3: The most important thing to do when working from home

The one in which I randomly call up friends and put them on the spot.

2: My 2020 WFH desk setup

I jumped on the bandwagon of everyone showcasing their wfh setups.

1: The Ultimate Cyber Security Awareness Tip

Yep, this one sure did outperform others. Created during cybersec awareness month. Looks like everyone is searching for that one magic tip!