My Top 5 Blogs of the Year

I saw Cygenta posted their top 5 blogs of the year on Twitter and thought that it was a wonderful idea to rip off / borrow / be inspired by.

So, I proudly present, my top 5 read blogs during the course of 2020. From my blog that is. I’ve written many other articles on other sites this year, and I’m sure some of them have been read more.

Anyhow – on to the list.

5: Writing better risk statements
Do you struggle to articulate security risks? This blog will help you to structure your writing for greater impact.

4: Review: The Social Dilemma
Yes, I reviewed the documentary. Surprised it is this high up on the list. But I guess that’s what happens when you blog about a topic everyone is talking about at the time.

3: I thought I needed a new iPad, I was wrong
Minimalism for the win! I guess this is why so many tech you tubers exist.

2: Why Predator is the ultimate CISO movie
I really enjoyed writing this – and was surprised at how much love and attention this got. It’s one big inside joke that you’ll only appreciate if you’ve worked in infosec

1: Investors buy up the wrong Zoom
Human error stories usually fare well, and this is no exception. A tale of what happens when investors think they’re investing in Zoom but accidentally bump the share price of a Chinese company that makes parts for phones.