Alien Eye In the Sky – Weekly roundup – Ep 2

It’s been a busy week in the land of information security. But don’t worry, we’ve got it all covered in our roundup.

Links to stories in video:

Ransomware operator shut down

Stealing an AI

Nobody is bidding on shadowbrokers files

US government IP address contract ends

Don’t be Yahoo

Verizon wants $1bn discount

You don’t have to be stupid to work here

Links to other interesting stories from the week

MMD-0056-2016 – Linux/Mirai, how an old ELF malcode is recycled

Hacker releases code that powered Botnet attack against Krebs

Microsoft has announced it is to harden the edge browser for enterprise users

A really sweet presentation format and great information for incident response and security operations teams by Frode Hommedal

Thrillseekers stuck on rides at Universal Studios after massive power outage — redundancy fail? Or all part of the show?

Halvar flake was asked why he works in security – and gives a nice response. What he didn’t give was my 3 favourite answers. Good pay, Sponsorship money, and VC money

What makes call-out culture so toxic?

The three infrastructure mistakes your company must not make

Hootsuite’s CEO on what he learned from getting hacked on social media

AlienVault OTX Maltego Transforms