Things I hearted Last Week

For the week ending 25th September 2016


On one hand vendors want users to patch their systems and keep them secure. On the other hand, actions like this causes people to not want to apply official updates.


North Korea just accidentally turned on global zone transfers for their top level domains, archive of the data here.


My good friend James McQuiggan attended (ISC)2 congress where he not only MC’d the leadership awards, but also won the Presidents Award for a volunteer who has contributed to advancing the security profession. He wrote a nice writeup of the event.


The war Microsoft should have won.


Over 60k vulnerabilitie went unassigned by MITRE’s CVE project in 2015. Good research on the issues with CVE and what needs to be fixed.


Building Spring Cloud Microservices That Strangle Legacy Systems A good post on legacy systems, handing data etc. Worth bookmarking this one.


Well-written piece on how terrorists use encryption.


2016 best WiFi hacking and Defending Android application.