LiebSoft seeks privileged management from Okta

Despite some of the world’s most innovative minds working tirelessly to develop solutions to security woes, the average user still lags far behind in prioritizing his or her own security online. In fact, the mobile identity company TeleSign conducted a survey  of 2000 people in 2015 and found that consumers have an average of 23 accounts online, however only an average of six passwords are actually used to protect those accounts. 73% of those surveyed used duplicate passwords.

When users continue to practice poor security habits, it puts more than just their own personal accounts at risk. Companies of all sizes have moved servers into  the cloud, and a lack of privileged security could allow but a single compromised user to wreak havoc.

Enter Lieberman Software.

Founded in 1978 as a software consultancy in Los Angeles, California, Lieberman Software’s flagship product today, Enterprise Random Password Management (ERPM), is designed to addressing this risk and more in the field of privileged management.

Lieberman Software recently integrated ERPM with a number of up-and-coming technologies, including Okta.

Okta securely authenticates a user via primary or multi-factor authentication using only a single sign-on from the user. Through ERPM with Okta, there are two methods organizations can require users to log-in.

The first way to log-in is through the ERPM user-interface, which may also use optional methods and steps of authentication. The second way to log-in would be through Okta. There are two paths which may be taken by the user when using the Okta method, both of which are powered by the protocol SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language), which assists in the exchange between authentication and authorization data between separate parties. The first would involve starting from ERPM, being redirected to Okta, and then returning to ERPM. The second allows the user to access ERPM directly through the Okta application menu.

When pricing ERPM for clients, Lieberman Software bases the cost on the number of hosts, rather than the number of total users. It  starts out at $25,000, with all current and future software integrations included in the price.

Along with the integration of Okta, the recent release of ERPM Version 5.5.1 also premiered integration with Ping Identity, OneLogin, and Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS).

Lieberman Software is choosing not to charge for ERPM integration with Okta. In fact, the integration was provided to both new and existing ERPM customers for no extra charge, as Lieberman Software is interested in Okta customers, whom they see as being more concerned with security than the average user.

Breaking The Fourth Wall

Lieberman Software has had a long life in the technical sector and boasts about tackling the issue of privileged management from as early as the mid 1990s. Globally, Lieberman Software has more than 1200 clients, from healthcare providers, financial institutions, and government agencies, to smaller businesses with large and complex networks

Rather than charge for integration with technologies like Okta, Lieberman provides it at no extra cost to both existing and future users of ERPM. Instead of trying to profit off users interested in advanced security, Lieberman is trying to attract those advanced security-minded users.

By integrating with multiple systems of authentication, Lieberman Software is also giving its clients more options to customize security solutions to match their individual needs.

The privileged identity management sector is a crowded field, with Lieberman Software facing stiff competition from CyberArk, BeyondTrust, CA, Centrify, Osirium, Xceedium, and even IBM and Dell. However, by continuing to prioritize the security profile of its users and seeking out the best possible solutions to these privileged security woes as they appear, Lieberman is continuing to build its reputation. But the issue of privileged management is far from solved, and by continuing to prioritize the security of its users, Lieberman could continue to carve out a respectable spot for itself in the industry.