We won!!!

If you like to keep up with my ramblings on the Facebook or twitter, you’d probably have seen that not only was I nominated in several categories for the European Security Bloggers Awards, but so was Girl Cynic.

Well, apparently Girl Cynic has been doing something right because she won the award for most entertaining blogger whilst I won the award for best video blogger. It’s an honour and I’m immensely proud to win an award two years in a row, not to mention glad to see the Girl is helping keep things in the family. All that’s left really is for me to get her to write my reports for me and I can quit my day job and retire! I’m sure that day will come soon enough…

Until then, Girl Cynic did demand that her picture go up on the website as she now see’s herself as an equal partner in this venture. The student really has surpassed the master…  created a monster have I.

A full list of the nominees and winners can be found here.

P.S. As its customary to thank people when winning an award, I’d like to thank you and everyone who voted – this one’s for all you guys! <exit stage left>