Spotting phishing scam emails

Phishing emails can be nasty pieces of work. They put a lot of effort into appearing legitimate in order to trick users into falling for their scams. In this video, I only take a look at this one specific email which claimed to come from Apple. There are lots of signs to look out for that aren’t covered in the video. Each of these signs may not mean anything on their own, but putting them together could indicate a phishing attempt.

Some of the other things you can look out for that aren’t in the video would include things like the email being sent from a weird address, like Yahoo or Gmail. Or it claims to come from a government department of some sort.

Slowing down helps a lot – nothing bad will happen if you don’t open or respond to an email immediately – well, I guess unless it’s your boss, in which case you could get fired. But at least you didn’t infect the whole company… now that’s what I call going out on your shield!