Here’s full disclosure – now no disclosure

Full disclosure has announced it’s shutting down. Even people far more capable than me are trying to comprehend why. One of the key grievances cited by John as to why Full Disclosure is being shut down was the constant battling against trolls – even from within the security community.

It raises a number of interesting questions about the state of security, the trends and the meaning of life. I think in summary it comes down to trolls. The day the internet was created, all trolls celebrated – for it signified the day they would be able to hide behind their keyboards and spout venom indiscriminately. It’s a very sad – but undeniable part of the internet as a whole. Whoever has been a victim of hate mail, mean comments or even an ‘unlike’ on a youtube video can tell you that despite how thick-skinned you are, it all eventually takes its toll. I cannot imagine how stressful running something like Full Disclosure could be in the long run – hell, I still carry a chip on my shoulder from the time Reed Exhibitions legal team got their panties in a twist over my use of the word Infosec.


The question of the ‘security community / scene / industry / freak show’, what it is,  where it’s going, or even if it actually exists is one that could fill several volumes – but it’s at times like this I am reminded of a quote from the movie “Young Guns II”

“You remember the stories John use to tell us about the the three chinamen playing Fantan? This guy runs up to them and says, “Hey, the world’s coming to an end!” and the first one says, “Well, I best go to the mission and pray,” and the second one says, “Well, hell, I’m gonna go and buy me a case of Mezcal and six whores,” and the third one says “Well, I’m gonna finish the game.” I shall finish the game, Doc.” – William H. Bonney

Will the security community finish the game? Are we even playing the same game? Or is Haroon Meer right when he says, “When we win, it’s with small things, and the victory itself makes us small.


PS: If the title didn’t make any sense:

2 thoughts on “Here’s full disclosure – now no disclosure

  1. I’m not sure if it’s just one particular individual Raj, or a cumulative effect over a long period of time of many individuals. It would be nice if jackals could be outed… but we don’t want to go down the route of witch-hunting either :/


  2. This is proof, once again, that the insider threat is the most significant one.
    It also proves the Tragedy Of The Commons.

    My question is, why are we letting 1 jackal vandalise the community? What if the unnamed “member” of the community was shunned by us, as proper societies do to vandals, pollutants and troublemakers?


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