Security Dialectic: Kaspersky Industry Analyst Summit

A tropical Island paradise, a Russian millionaire and hackers may sound like the plot of a James Bond movie, but they are actually references to Kaspersky’s industry analyst event in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, where the company was expected to divulge its plans, aspirations and research to analysts from around the world.

Four of 451 Research’s finest analysts – Daniel Kennedy, Chris Hazelton, Adrian Sanabria and Javvad Malik – attended the event.

To read an interview with Adrian and Javvad – visit 451 Research Information Security Blog.

4 thoughts on “Security Dialectic: Kaspersky Industry Analyst Summit

  1. Well, threat intelligence is a complex and not fully emerged market. You have different activities which different people lump into the same category of threat intel.

    On one hand you have rather commoditised offerings such as IP blacklists – all the way up to intelligence of active attackers working against a specific organisation with a bunch of different things in between.

    Certain advisories can be issued by local governments where intelligence relates to national interests. But for most companies, particularly large global ones, more specify threat intel is required which can only really be provided by private companies. Unfortunately, many companies are not really at a mature enough level to leverage threat intel effectively.


  2. I read the interview – as always, like your directness. One of your bits stood out, “Hey, look; we’re not in bed with the NSA.” But as PC sales are in decline, there are plenty of enterprise opportunities, as well as MSSP channels, that can be utilized.

    My question is whether your comment is around the value of privatization of threat intelligence. Surely we don’t want to put any government in charge of threat intelligence?


  3. Provocative video, but what happened at the event?? Kaspersky is not known for just having fun…. any insights to share?


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