The top amazing people you should know about

Search engine optimization (or SEO) is a thing. Well, I’m not too sure how big a thing it is now, but it used to be huge. The concept was / is that if you sneak the right words onto your website or blog post, then people searching for that particular term will end up coming to you.

For example, if I just say I’m going to write about a cute cat looking adorable dressed in a Darth Vader outfit whilst on a Deathstar – I would hope anyone searching for those terms will end up landing on my website. It doesn’t really concern me if they get any value out of the content, as long as I can show that visitors are coming to my site I can monetize that.

Search engines are a bit better than what they used to be and also people are more selective in what they follow, so here’s the new trend. I like to call it ECO or Ego Clicking Optimization.

Here’s how it works in three simple steps, and how you too can get literally thousands of visits to your website.

  1. 1. Compile a list of people on twitter, facebook etc. who have loads of followers. It doesn’t matter if they are relevant to each other. The only criteria is they have a ton of followers.


  1. 2. Create a blog post entitled, “The top amazing people you should know about” or something creative like that. List out all the names you compiled in step 1. If you’re creative maybe put the names in an infographic.


  1. 3. Tweet out a link to the blog post multiple times, each time tagging several of the people in the list. Then sit back to the sound of beautiful clicks.


Why does this work? Because most people love having their ego stroked… I should know! They’ll jump at the opportunity to retweet the crap out of your post and maybe even comment about how honoured and humbled they are to be included in such an awesome list. In fact, if you do it right, you’ll get people complaining that they weren’t included in the list – which gives you an excellent reason to do a follow-up. Let’s get ECO into the dictionary!

For those of you who actually clicked to see a list of the top amazing people you should know about, please refer to the top 15 list below:

Wendy Nather


Charlie McDonnell

Natalie Tran

Wheezy Waiter

Friggin Boom

Casey Neistat

Cory Doctorow

Nicholas Percoco


Dual Core

Wesley McGrew

Freddie Wong

Jennifer Leggio

The Bloggess


One thought on “The top amazing people you should know about

  1. Why have I only heard of ONE of these…? Dare I lose the three days it would take to investigate? Blogs – the time vampire of the age!


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