Security Vs Privacy

Security and privacy are sometimes used synonymously, at other times they are used as separate entities and at other times they are used as co-dependent on each other. But what is the truth? I ended up having this discussion with Brian Honan whilst at RSA Europe and he explained his point of view with this good analogy that I have tried to capture on the small screen.

What do  you think? What are your views? An aspect that this video doesn’t dare delve into are the myriad of different privacy laws and regulations that differ from country to country and even within countries. It all makes my brain bleed!


3 thoughts on “Security Vs Privacy

  1. great analogy… With your permission, I am going to use this to explain to others. Hope you/Brain dont mind. 🙂

    More easier than your hash analogy (with the shoe, remember!)… !!!



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