Flame – Fact or FUD

What is FUD? Is it good or bad and how can you differentiate between whats true and what’s FUD? Kind of like those old adverts that used to ask, “Is it real or is it Memorex”

I’ve probably given far too much away about my age with that line, but google it, it’s totally true. I know a lot of you kids who weren’t watching TV in the early 80’s won’t believe me so check out the old commercial here.

The ask yourself whenever you hear something major has broken out that will infect every device on the planet as yourself, is it real? Or is it FUD

PS. If you’re impatient in this video, skip to 3:18 where I give an example of how to do FUD properly.

PPS. I don’t know why I’m doing a PS, it’s not like this is a letter, it’s a blog. But you get my drift.

PPPS In relation to my first PS, I’m not advocating the use of FUD, all I’m saying is if you want to do a job, you better do it properly, or don’t bother doing it at all.

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