Part of the family

You may have heard me gloating saying that I’m off to Blackhat Europe in Amsterdam. The kind folk at Netpeas are sponsoring and Infosec Island are sending me as one of them. It kind of feels like being welcomed into a family. I’ll be at Blackhat introducing myself as being from the Island even though I’ve never met any of the guys there. I mean for all I know they could be serial killers running this whole operation out of a prison cell somewhere.

I can imagine this being how a woman feels when she marries a man and adopts his surname and gets introduced as part of his family. Until she of course spills a drink down her father-in-laws favourite suit whilst trying to pass the bread and in the rush of trying to clear up the mess causes her sister-in-law to stab her husband in the knee with the carving knife.

So yes, I’m off to Blackhat to learn something about security, meet some interesting people and shoot some video interviews without aggravating anyone too much.

The Island may issue divorce papers at the end, but I’m sure we can remain friends… can’t we guys?

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