New Year Resolutions

New Years is nearly upon us and we all like making resolutions that we know we probably won’t keep.

January will see all the gyms hand out 3 month free contracts which the masses will sign up to and by February tumbleweed will be blowing across the treadmills.

Plus we’re pretty lame and aren’t very good at choosing our own resolutions.

Therefore, I’ve come up with a genius plan. I want to ask YOU to pick MY new year resolutions. Say whatever you want, drop me an email, leave a comment on the website, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google + or carrier pigeon.

Go crazy, tell me I need to include more security content in my video and blog. Or maybe you want better quality entertainment. Perhaps the colour scheme on the blog is painful to your eyes and you want it changed. Maybe you want to see me drop some annoying habit I have like starting off every sentence with the word “So”.

I’ll pick the most common ones and in January publish the list that I agree to.

However, there are strings attached. If you want to propose a new years resolution to me, you too should ask someone, even if it’s only one person, to write down a few resolutions for you. If I know you well enough, I’ll even throw some your way.

Giving feedback to others where you want them to change isn’t always easy. Maybe this way we can get others to change around us so that they don’t annoy us as much. Heavens knows that’s a lot easier than changing ourselves Smile 

Let the games begin.

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