Hitting the big time

I think I can officially say that I’ve hit the big time. Twist & Shout selected me for my ravishing good looks and acting skills to be their CISO elf in their video. Then Bruce Schneier linked http://www.schneier.com/blog/archives/2011/12/santa_hacked.html to the video saying that it was “Mildly Amusing”.

Of course, those close to Brucey will say that he’s a rather serious person and the last time he cracked a smile was when the enigma code was cracked. Therefore for him to refer to something as mildly amusing is like the average person having an asthma attack through extreme LOL’ing or LMFAO ROFL as they would put it.

Now that Brucey and me are as tight as Dr Dre and Eminem, I’m sure it won’t be long before he’ll be wanting to hook me up and bounce around some crypto ideas for his next book. Or maybe want to pick my brains on how to make the camera love a bearded dude.

Brucey – What do you say homie?

One thought on “Hitting the big time

  1. As usual you manage to amuse me with just the right mix of serious blatant self promotion, and hilarity. There is only one thing that I don’t like about your site.

    Your permalinks make me cry. Tears of blogging evangelism and self loathing.


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