UFC 126 recap

A couple of days ago we were treated to UFC 126.

Now there are plenty of cool MMA websites where you can get the full report from, but the super-short version is here:

Miguel Tores Jabbed a midget for 3 rounds.

Rich Franklin looked like a midget against Forrest Griffin and was more or less tossed around like one.

Jon Jones further proved that with a bit of athleticism and freaky long arms anything is possible.

Steven Segal is Anderson Silva’s Mr Miagi and helped channel the awesomeness of the karate kid in a front kick.

Ummm and that was about it. A couple of other observations were:

Jon Jones got told he’s got a title shot after his victory. He disappointed everyone by not making a heel turn and clocking Shogun in the back of the head with a steel chair.

Anderson Silva likes to take the vaseline from his face and rub it over his body before the fight starts. In the words of Tito Ortiz, “if you ain’t cheating, you ain’t trying”


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