Post-Holiday Blues

I’ve figured out why everyone in the office is so miserable. At first I thought it was a simple case of the post-holiday blues. Or perhaps they were regretting all the calories they’d consumed whilst socialising with family they’d rather not see. But the reality is that people are miserable because of security.

They walk back to the office knowing full well, like hundreds of others in their office, they’ve forgotten their password. So they have to wait 33.28 minutes on-hold listening to Jingle Bells because someone forgot to put the elevator music back on. You then have to jump through 20 different hoops to identify yourself. Your name, ID number, user ID, your managers name, your national insurance number… blah blah blah.

Finally, you’re told that your password has been reset to Password123.

Success? Nearly, because you’re not quite out of the woods yet.

You logon and the system and it asks you to choose a new password and that goes somewhat like this:


And you wonder why people are miserable on their return to work.

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