It’s more than your salary

How many times has someone tried to employ you with the line “There are other things to consider outside of your salary!”

Granted there are some people who agree with that statement. They’re the type of people who will view their employer as extended family and will normally be the ones making that statement.

But if you’re like the rest of the population who wish you had a bit of extra cash at the end of the month, you’d probably want to slap them upside the head for making such a statement.

Ultimately, it all boils down to how much money you get. Sure, paid holidays and sick days have a value. But does 25 days holiday equate to £15k less a year? Probably not. Which is why so many people move for more money or alternatively go contracting.

It’s simple, we want to maximise our earning potential and realise tangible benefits. It’s like we’re our own individual business. We have income and outgoings and a certain amount of resource. So we manage as best as we can.

Then why is it that when putting forward a security business case, so many people forget the basics. A business is trying to make money. If you can’t put your security proposal in a way that makes financial sense. Then you’ve failed. It’s not a failure on part of the business if you fail to convince them why they need to implement a certain control.

It’s a bit like recommending an armoured tank for driving your kids to school because it’s safe. Sure, no-one will disagree that it’s the safer option, but is it really worth the investment?

Also, take some time out to think of the actual security measures that you’re recommending. Too many times people make security recommendations purely because “that’s how it’s always been”. Or they dress it up as “best practice”. Well that may well be the case, but lots of things are considered “best practice”. My Doctor “strongly recommends” that I do exercise every day and eat healthier.

But because it doesn’t put any money in my pocket, I eat junk food every day, smoke and never do any exercise.

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