No dogs allowed

image This is a post for the guy who bought his dog into the kiddies play area of the park today. It caught no less than 3 kids off balance by startling them and resulted in them falling down (one of whom happened to be one of my daughters). So as any parent would do, I reacted in a calm and collected way, “hey f*&^er get your dog out of here!”

Much to my surprise he retorted by stating:

A. His dog was harmless

B. He’d read the sign and nothing about no dogs.

Lucky for him I had one of those squeezy stress balls in my hand which I’d picked up from Infosec Europe earlier in the year… and I can say that little sucker saved his life.

Anyway, another parent told him off and he took his dog and left. But come on people, if it wasn’t on the sign use your brain a little bit. Take a risk-based approach to life. Or are you such morons that you need everything written down in clear instructions as to what you can and can’t do and when you should and shouldn’t do. I have to put up with people like that in my day job all the time. Now I have to deal with them in my free time?

How many people do you have to remind on a daily basis that no dogs are allowed?

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