UFC 121 Post-Event Fighter Share Prices

I’ve developed a way of ranking professional fighters in a far more scientific method than most websites lame “Pound for Pound” rankings go. Because, quite frankly they don’t really mean much to anyone.

The J4vv4D method © utilises a stock market style indexing system which takes into account the fighters performance on the night, measured against how they were expected to perform, their ring entrance, the buildup, the pre and post hype, how the crowd reacted to them and a bunch of other stuff. All of this is pushed through the fight share price algorithm.

So without further ado, here’s the scoop on fighters share price after UFC 121.

Brock Lesnar 582.66 down 7.82

Brock lost and lost badly. He was outclassed and beaten down quickly. In theory his stock should have plummeted, many have pointed out how poor his striking is and how he crumbles once the pressure is turned on him. However, Brock being Brock is still a huge draw. He polarises people whenever he fights and the internet boards are burning with speculation over his clash with the Undertaker on his way out. Until he loses a couple of fights in a row, his share price will remain relatively stable.

Cain Velasquez 413 up 103.96

Undefeated in 9 fights and ran through Brock Lesnar like a hot knife through butter. But outside of AKA and the Mexican population, he isn’t much of a draw… well not yet. Perhaps that’s the reason Dana White seemed so miserable having to put the belt around his waist. It’s probably not fair, but Cain needs to develop more of a media personality and the marketing department need to push more than just brown pride to bring him into the limelight. Otherwise he’ll run the risk of being a great fighter who nobody knows about outside of the hardcore MMA community. (Fedor anyone?)

Jake Shields 205 down 25.1

Jake Shields has an impressive track record. But so does Jon Fitch and we all know how much a UFC crowd love a Jon Fitch fight. He came in and did was everyone expected him to do. Close the distance, grapple, smother, repeat. He never appeared to have Kampmann in any serious trouble during their fight and also looked extremely tired in the 3rd round. Not a very convincing octagon debut… but then who’ does have a good debut?

Martin Kampmann 105 up 3

Yeah, I know what you’re thinking, how does the winners share price drop and the losers share price go up. It’s the algorithm. Overall, it was a good showing for Kampmann. He got a big name fight and a lot of exposure. During the fight he was never in much danger, but then again, he didn’t really avail all the opportunities which presented themselves. Had he let his fists fly a bit more when on their feet he may have picked up a win, or more importantly, his share price would have gone up.

Diego Sanchez 303 up 126

The biggest jump in share price was Diego Sanchez. He’s already an established name who seemed to have lost his way a little bit with a drop down to lightweight and then back up again with a few losses in between. At the end of round 1 it seemed that Diego had lost that fighting spirit. Until he hulked up in round 2, picking up Paulo Thiago, yelling, running and slamming him down hard. After which he set a furious pace, winning the decision.

Paulo Thiago 104 down 5

I like Paulo Thiago, I really do. He’s a solid fighter with some good wins. But there’s little marketing around him. Sure we get to hear about how he’s a special forces elite black ops kind of dude. But maybe throw in a few stories about how he once single-handily took out an entire drug cartel and you’ve got yourself a cool character. He didn’t really do much wrong against Diego except not have the same fire in his belly.

Tito Ortiz 48 down 158

You can’t live on past glory forever, and Tito has proven that with loss after loss. This current loss to Matt Hamill just proves he doesn’t have what it takes to stay within the UFC’s stacked light heavyweight division and is just not relevant to the title picture anymore. Pro tip, sell any shares you may have in Tito. I know you bought them when they were at an all time high, but get out while you still have a shirt on your back.

Matt Hamill 201 up 60

I don’t think Matt will ever be a champion, but he’s a very solid fighter with some good skills. He’s popular through his stint in the Ultimate Fighter and by competing despite being deaf. A safe investment for the long run.


Here in the UK, the fights air at 3am, and I overslept and missed the first fight. But from reading the reviews, I am concluding

Gabriel Gonzaga 15 down 100

The dude needs to go. He once KO’d Cro-Cop with a head kick and hasn’t done anything ever since.

Brendan Schaub 130 up 44

One to watch. Lets not get too excited quite yet. But there is potential

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