Clown Computing

Some colleagues recently attended a cloud computing seminar somewhere in London which was… how can I put it? A little light on fact and heavy on sales pitches and ra ra ra! (as most cloud computing is these days).

The next day, they were sent an email asking to provide their feedback. This is a good example of how to give positive feedback after such an event:

Hi H,

The event was great and I managed to have a lot of fun with my colleagues. I was playing a game of reconnaissance, with my friends K and S, where we had to collect the most USB sticks without being told off. I think K won as he managed to get 11- though I think he cheated as he was chatting up the Canadian bird by calling her an American.

Food was excellent, especially the blueberry cheesecake and the highlight was finding out the USB sticks were 2GB! 

The downside was that I don’t thing think the primary question was answered i.e.. what is Clown Computing. Also I think the speakers concentrated too much on the weather by constantly talking about the cloud and how good it was. I actually went outside to check and it was sunny, so it is very confused. Perhaps they live somewhere cloudy?

I look forward to the next event and hope the Clown will make an appearance. I suggest you have face paint stand as well.

Hope this was useful.


2 thoughts on “Clown Computing

  1. Thanks Cynic, this articule has been extremely helpful in helping to answer a burning question that no IS professional to date has been able to answer…where can I get free USB sticks that are Blueberry enabled!


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