AttackIQ asks how effective are your security investments?

According to market predictions, in 2015, the total market for cyber-security products reached an astronomical $75 billion. That figure represents the total spent on packages, appliances, subscriptions, training, and consultancy, all bought with the intent of protecting critical IT infrastructure from external and internal threats. At the same time, it’s been an ongoing challenge to … Continue reading AttackIQ asks how effective are your security investments?

Streamlining password resets with Thycotic

Washington DC-based password security firm Thycotic recently announced the release of Password Reset Server 5.0. This represents a significant update to what is one of the leading enterprise-level password management solutions. Thycotic Password Reset Server essentially streamlines the process of resetting Active Directory and Office 365 passwords. It works though an element that is added … Continue reading Streamlining password resets with Thycotic

Thycotic expanding its horizons

Washington DC-based password management vendor Thycotic was founded in 1996 making it one of the early entrants into the privilege password management space.  While remaining largely self-funded since its founding, Thycotic recently took its first ever investment from Insight Venture Partners. The details of the deal remain undisclosed. Secret Server 9.0 – adding Mac and … Continue reading Thycotic expanding its horizons

Casting a Digital Shadow over Threat Intelligence

Stand alone pure-play threat intelligence firms have all started with great promise. But somewhere along the way, many have not fully realised their potential. Recent notable threat intelligence vendor acquisitions Target Acquirer Date Amount Malcovery (key assets) PhishMe Oct 14 2015 Undisclosed iSight Partners FireEye Jan 20 2016 $200m Cyveillance LookingGlass Dec 10 2015 Undisclosed … Continue reading Casting a Digital Shadow over Threat Intelligence