Honey Trapping Baddies (or just nosey people)

I was recently reminded of this headline from a few years ago where a couple left their bikes unlocked to lure thieves and then proceeded to beat them up with baseball bats. 

I don’t advocate violence, and nor do I approve of vigilante behaviour. But police around the world use this trick all the time. They will leave cars and wait for thieves to try to steal them. Or have an undercover cop pretend to want to buy drugs or something and that’s how they nab the baddies. 

On a digital side, my personal favourites are Canary Tokens which allow you to generate pretty much any kind of token and you get alerted whenever they are triggered. 

But it got me thinking on other ways to “MacGyver” your own honey trap of sorts. 

One of my favourites is to create fake customer details in Salesforce. That way, when the leaving salesperson takes a copy of the database and tries cold-calling them from their new place of employment you catch them red-handed. 

What are some of your favourite ways to MacGyver a honey trap digitally? Let me know. 


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