Writing the perfect resignation letter

Over here in the UK we’ve had dozens of MPs (members of parliament) tender their resignation over the last day or so. 

While I’m not interested in politics, seeing so many resignation letters did provide me with the template to create the perfect letter. 

It consists of a few steps. 

1. Yellow paper (not the white one peasants write on)

2. Logo at the top (you’re important, don’t let anyone forget that)

3. While the whole letter should be typed, hand write the to and from portions to make it seem personal and authentic and not that you’re secretary or intern wrote it for you. 

4. Start by saying how difficult the decision is. 

5. Throw shade at your boss (organisation), highlighting their failures. 

6. Put a positive spin on it (I really liked the vending machine)

7. Sign off with fake well wishes. 

A little video on it 


the perfect resignation letter. what i learnt from the MPs

♬ original sound – Javvad Malik

Some of the other examples: