My Retirement Plan

  1. Buy 10,000 trophies from China (max $1 each including shipping)
  2. Buy an engraver
  3. Register a fancy domain, like, “”
  4. Send emails to companies saying they’ve “won” an award in some <random category>. For a mere $1000 they can get featured in the listing and receive an engraved trophy. 

10,000 * 1000 = 10,000,000 

Even with a 50% failure rate I’ll make $5,000,000

With such a big profit margin, I can even afford fly out a little boy from China to engrave all the trophies for me and post them out.

Once that is up and running, the second (smaller) line of business will be to repeat the same process but for security professionals.

* My retirement plan is for entertainment purposes only, but still don’t steal my idea.