The RSA 2019 Shortlist

Last week, Thom Langford wrote a post on his RSA 2019 itinerary, which featured some of the sessions he’d shortlisted to visit.

I found it to be a useful list, and thought I’d try compiling my list of vendors I’d put on my shortlist to find out more about.

My employer

AT&T Business – 5545 North Expo
AlienVault – 1235 South Expo

I’d have to start out with the booths that I’ll inevitable be spending most of my time, the AlienVault and AT&T Business ones. Come over, say hello, check out some of the products on offer, and grab some swag.

User Awareness

Elevate Security – 31 Early Stage Expo
Habitu8 – 45 Early Stage Expo

User awareness is hot, and it makes sense to check out some of the players in the market. While, there are many established vendors in this space like KnowBe4 which have a comprehensive offering, I’m interesting in finding out more from newer players such as Elevate Security which was co-founded by Masha Sedova; who really knows the space having worked previously at Salesforce.

It’s no secret that I’m a fan of videos for user awareness, and Habitu8 seems to have a whole line of fun videos – maybe they’ll be playing some at the show.

Threat Detection

Thinkst Canary – 6487 North Expo
SafeGuard Cyber – 3111 South Expo

Thinkst probably needs no introduction, but if you’re not familiar with the product, you should definitely check it out. The beauty is in its simplicity, deploy a small hardware device, make it appear to be whatever you want, and wait for it to sing. It’s a low-noise, but highly credible detection system that I would recommend most companies invest in.

SafeGuard Cyber is also another company that’s doing things from a different angle. In this case, it has a focus on social media channels with particular emphasis on brand & reputation risk, VIP exposure, data loss, legal exposure and so forth. It’s an area that will definitely get more focus in the future. (full disclosure, I’m on the advisory board for SafeGuard cyber)

API Security

ArecaBay Inc – 10 Early Stage Expo

How important is API security? Why would anyone want API security? Well, that’s what I’ll want to find out from this company.

Travel Security

WifiWall – 3 Early Stage Expo

You’re on the move, you need to connect to public wifi, but you don’t have a VPN, what do you do?

I have no idea how good this product is or how it works, but I’m a simple person and I see a hardware device, and am intrigued.

Coolest name

Secret Double Octopus – 753 South Hall

Is there a security company with a cooler name than Secret Double Octopus? Even if you aren’t looking to get rid of all your passwords, it’s probably worth going and grabbing a business card from one of the people that work there, just to see what kind of job titles they have!

Not exhibiting


These two companies aren’t exhibiting at RSA, but maybe some of the teams would be attending and worth catching up with. My old 451 colleague (old as in we used to work together, not that he’s old) Adrian Sanabria is now at NopSec, and he loves the opportunity to buy people breakfast, lunch, dinner, or a tea and discuss vulnerabilities.

I don’t know if anyone from Secfense will be attending, but I kinda like the team and their approach to try and democratise 2FA across all apps and functions.

The people


Of course, technology aside, it’s the people that make any event or conference, and RSA does attract a lot of people. It doesn’t matter whether they work for a competitor, or are unemployed, a student, or have over 30 years in the industry, it’s a great time to network and make some new acquaintances. I know I’ve met some wonderful people at conferences over the year who have turned into lifelong friends, colleagues, and even bosses.

Disclaimer part 1: I know I’ve left off many companies from the list, don’t get mad, I wanted to keep this a short post and focus mainly on smaller companies that tickled my interest.

Disclaimer part 2: I also didn’t want to annoy the powers that be, by naming too many direct competitors).