Security in the cloud

This video was prompted by discussions with someone that was adamant that they would never, never, everrrrr put their logs in the cloud.

I enquired as to why they weren’t open to the option, and their response was that they don’t believe that sensitive information like logs should be in the cloud.

Now that’s all cool and stuff – I mean, everyone has their own risk models. But in the big scheme of things, the company was already using cloud infrastructure and apps for a variety of different things.

I mean, if you’re putting your entire customer management system, and your financials in a cloud app – there aren’t many more valuable things left to protect.

I’m not saying you should or shouldn’t adopt the cloud, or use a particular provider or not. What I do reckon, is that we should be a bit more sensible when looking at the wider corporate adoption and all the information contained therein, and adapt the security controls accordingly.