Threatcare secures $1.4m seed funding

Threatcare has announced a $1.4m seed round led by Moonshots Capital and includes Flyover Capital and Firebrand Ventures.

The Austin-based company was founded in 2014 by CEO Marcus Carey. Its flagship product, Violet, is a SaaS-based offering that enables continuous security validation through attack simulations.

For many security departments, the question they are often faced with is, “are we secure?” While that may be a loaded question, there isn’t usually a satisfactory answer.

Security assurance is an established discipline, but is often limited in scope, either by business or technology. The advantage that a product like Threatcare brings is that it can provide broad assurance across multiple technologies. By simulating attacks, Violet is able to see the forest for the trees, and rather than getting tied down with one particular vulnerability, it can be used to assess the overall security effectiveness of an organisation. In that way, it can perhaps be thought of more as a security assurance orchestration offering – tying together multiple technologies and processes.

This is an area we’ll likely see rapid growth in over the coming years as companies stop layering technologies, and stop to see if what they already have is functioning adequately.

Competition in this space is heating up, both from a technology perspective, and the funding competitors have raised, most notably Safebreach raised $19m in mid 2016, while AttackIQ raised a $8.8m series A, and UpGuard raised a $17m series B at the end of 2016.

Other vendors in this space include Picus Security and Cybric.