IoT Botnet rivalry

Like Mirai, Hajime also scans the internet for poorly secured IoT devices like cameras, DVRs, and routers. It compromises them by trying different username and password combinations and then transferring a malicious program.

However, Hajime doesn’t take orders from a command-and-control server like Mirai-infected devices do. Instead, it communicates over a peer-to-peer network built off protocols used in BitTorrent, resulting in a botnet that’s more decentralized—and harder to stop.

via Rival IoT malware clash in a botnet territory battle | InfoWorld

I grew up hearing about epic rivalries, the bloods and the cribs, the East vs West side hip hop battles, the Rockers vs the Hart Foundation.

And now we have Mirai vs Hajime.

True, it kind of lacks that visual punch, but from a technical perspective it’s pretty much the same thing.