Things I hearted last week

For the week ending 21st August 2016

The “Have I been pwned” API, rate limiting and commercial use

Cyber cold war?

Scammer gets scammed. Interesting story, but worth remembering hacking back is considered illegal in many jurisdictions.

U.S. to share supply chain threat intel with industry. Better threat intelligence sharing can definitely benefit companies, if they have the capabilities to consume and put it to use. Otherwise, it’ll be another case of, “thanks for the 10,000 lines in this CSV”

Interesting research into multiple vulnerabilities in BHU WiFi uRouter.

Nice, fun video by David Spark asking attendees at BSidesLV how to hire 1M Infosec pros when none are available.

The Grugq provides analysis on Shadow Broker in his inimitable no-holds-barred style.

Insider threats and the impact on company shares following a breach.

Intelligent cyber defense using threat analysis

And finally, a bit of self-promotion. Can you explain encryption to me?