Things I hearted last week

For the week ending 24th July 2016

Lessons learnt from trying to negotiate with five different ransomware gangs. If you’re willing to haggle, you can get a discount.

This isn’t a new talk by Jim Manico, but the first time I saw it and serves as a great lesson on TSL/SSL and how HTTPS should be implemented. (43 min video)

Brian Krebs at it again, Carbanak gang tied to Russian security firm.

China bans testing of self-driving cars on public highways pending regulation.

Raytheon shared a post discussing Pokemon Go and how augmented reality plays a role in the military.

What does a hacker look like? A style guide from TV & movies.

Skype finalizes its move to the cloud, ignores the elephant in the room. Spoiler alert: things like security, privacy, eavesdropping, protocols etc.

Everything you need to know about web shells.

Troy Hunt on why HTTPS has a speed advantage over HTTP.

An iPhone case that detects snooping.

How we broke PHP, hacked Pornhub and earned $20,000. These types of writeups are the reason I’m such a fan of bug bounties.

A nice writeup on The Long-Term Effects of Tracking Employee Behavior. Lots of takeaways from a security perspective, both in terms of tracking – but understanding what you’re measuring.

Finally, not so much security, but relevant to business models. A fantastic analysis of the Unilever buyout of Dollar Shave Club.