Things I hearted Last Week

For the week ending 17th July 2016

Pokemon Go took the cybers by storm. There was much hullabaloo over the excessive permissions the app was asking for, which seem to have been fixed. Still, I liked this writeup by Dan Guido on the permissions Pokemon Go got.

Four cyber attacks on UK railways in a year.

Matt Hughes wrote a nice piece around assuring security products and the dilemma of answering the question of how secure we are.

Cymmetria Releases The MazeRunner Community Edition. A free edition for research of personal use.

We Tried to Operate a Surgical Robot While It Was Being Hacked

Arguably one of the biggest case rulings this last week was when a court ruled Microsoft does not need to respond to US warrant for overseas data. Had this ruling gone against Microsoft, the impact would have been felt throughout US-based cloud-computing companies. While this is probably not the last we’ll hear on the matter – one cannot downplay the significance of this case.

Hacker gets two years in jail for celebrity swatting.

Great article on the work that is done behind the scenes to make Mr. Robot accurate. Includes some familiar faces.

Finally – there was a failed coup attempt in Turkey a few days ago. The Grugq writes a great article on the role of cyber in coups and why it was so influential this time.