Things I hearted last week

For the week ending 10th July 2016

The recorded talks from BsidesLondon are up! Check out the playlist here. There are some really good talks in there – I haven’t seen all of them yet, but Steve Lords Naughty Toys for Wicked Girls and Boys  and Holly William’s Offensive Anti-Analysis are definitely worthwhile.

Ashley Madison in hot water with the FTC over the use of Fembots. I wonder if anyone ever got caught cheating and subsequently divorced – only to later discover they’d cheated on their partner with a bot. No amount of cold water could put out that burn.

A somewhat deep and academic paper of which I didn’t fully comprehend.  In which researchers conclude that, yes, you can have both deep learning and privacy.

How to Crack Android Full Disk Encryption on Qualcomm Devices

With Blackhat and DefCon around the corner, Wesley McGrew has put together a guide to security at conferences

Why is a great OSINT tool. Nice post on spam, campaign stats and red flag URLs.