Things I hearted Last Week

For the week ending 3rd July 2016

The rumours are in the air of Intel mulling sale of its security business.

A practical guide to securing OSX geared towards power users.

Facebook and creepy? <shocked face> Using your phones location to suggest new friends.

US hospitals hacked with ancient exploits. No O-day here, only Old-Day. See what I did there.

Life of a stolen credit card. Good read.

It was only a matter of time. Ransomware targeting MS Office 365 users.

Slides from a talk by Susan Sons about ethics in infosec. Worth reading – especially for people breaking into the field.

ReportCompiler: A tool for importing vuln scanner data to manipulate the risks, affected hosts, and create risk ordered output. Has a new commit (the first in 11 months) but a good one to right click and lookup CVE’s.

Inside the Oculus CEO hack: The controversy surrounding OurMine and online security tools

Penetration testing tools cheat sheet

A security researcher gets threats (kind of) over Amazon review. 


Finally, this is a brilliant read of a reporter that went undercover as a private prison guard for four months.