Things I hearted last week

For the week ending 19th June 2016

I asked attendees at Infosec if businesses were ready for GDPR

When cybersecurity research leads to jail, an article on research and disclosure challenges.

You’re probably aware that Microsoft acquired Linkedin. Ben Thompson at Stratechery (I am never sure how to pronounce that) wrote a good analysis  of the deal.

Michael Cote is an ex-colleague and one of my favourite analysts. He also added some good observations about the MS – LinkedIN deal in his newsletter in which he sums it up as, “Overall it’s weird – but it’s not dumb-weird”.

Steve Lord has been at it again – harming and corrupting IoT devices. This time in his post, Building the Internet of Wrongs. 

On conference talks, this post by Ian Amit has some great tips on how to frame and setup a talk.

So Your CISO Owns Your Cybersecurity Risks?

Really good insight around running a public bug bounty.

Deceptive Facebook ads (say it isn’t so)

An IT worker at the Panama Papers law firm has been arrested.

First Public Release of Keystone, the ultimate Assembler.

David J Bianco has a great resource for threat hunters.

Really nice analysis by Rob Fuller / Mubix : Linkedin NXDOMAINs – Purchased Pwnage