Things I hearted Last Week

For the week ending 12th June 2016

Last week Infosec drew the crowds to London. I wrote a short writeup on how we found it on the AlienVault Blog

William Hague was one of the keynotes at Infosec (btw, do conferences use ‘keynote’ synonymously with ‘talk’ these days? It seems like everything is a keynote.) In which he not so subtly hinted that it was not wise for technology firms to implement unbreakable encryption.

“Initial attempts by us to disclose privately to Mitsubishi were greeted with disinterest.” A writeup of the car hack by Pen Test Partners

As Government launches ‘Verify’ scheme, our digital identities are becoming more important than we realise

Cyber by any other name would smell as insecure. Dr. Jessica Barker gives a viewpoint on why we should embrace ‘cyber’ as a term.

Powershell Empire Stagers 1: Phishing with an Office Macro and Evading AVs

When cybersecurity research leads to jail time.

The Grugq asks an important question. why ransomware? Why Now?

A Thirsty Nation: Supply and demand of Information Security Professionals in the U.S.