Things I hearted last week

For the week ending 5th June 2016

My feeds were pretty much taken over with the sad news that  boxing legend Mohammad Ali has passed. So, a slightly lighter than usual weekly roundup.

What do you do when you’re Jerry Gamblin and messing around with Docker? Simple, you build KaliBrowser to run in a container with a full web gui.

Some good arguments on this PortSwigger post, like why lack of HTTPOnly is less of a concern.

An employee who moved firms and took client data with him has been fined £300. OK, it is not a bank-breaking amount, but it shows the ICO is willing to try and enforce it’s intent to prosecute more people as a way to raise awareness. Or something like that. Maybe the ICO should read this report which states half of ex-employees retain access to company networks.

Reducers are fuzzers.

Another day, another wordpress vulnerability.

Apparently running a ransomware ring can net you $90,000 a year. 

Woman spends 2.5 years in and Argentinian prison after falling for romance scam

Finally – This week is Infosec and BSides London. Host Unknown is proudly sponsoring BSides London in the most important way possible!