Things I hearted last week

For the week ending 29th May 2016

Furry Site Hacked, Content Deleted

That time a patient’s heart procedure was interrupted by a virus scan

Every 10 hours Tesla gets another million miles worth of data

Scott Helme shares some guidance on setting up HPKP

1 in 10 banking CEOs don’t know if they’ve been hacked

Apparently BlueCoat now has a CA signed by Symantec. Here’s how to untrust it. Motherboard also covered it. 

Discovering subdomains.

101 ways to own a phone.

CEO sacked after aircraft company grounded by whaling attack

Finally, this cool tip was shared by Adrian Sanabria, if you want to know what 3rd party kernel extensions you’ve installed on your Mac, run this in a Terminal, “kextstat | grep -v”